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Demolition equipment

Volvo demolition equipment

Reaching for the best equipment

Demolition calls for strong, sturdy and durable equipment with supreme control. The deconstruction of buildings, bridges and other structures is tough work. Primary demolition is all about reach and power so Volvo's Ultra High-Reach (HR) excavators have booms from 68.9'-105' (21-32 m), demolition guarding, high-visibility tilting cabs and smooth, confident hydraulics. Equipped with attachments from 2-3.5 tons, they cut demolition challenges down to size.

Values in imperial Change


  • 196,189 lbs
  • 464 hp
  • 5512 lbs


  • 141,140 lbs
  • 373 hp
  • 7700 lbs


  • 113,410 lbs
  • 303 hp
  • 6600 lbs

Why Volvo Is Purpose-Built for Demolition

Demolition contractors across the world choose Volvo for equipment they can depend on to get the job done. Check out some of our customers at work.

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