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Undercarriage inspections

Understanding your undercarriage

Undercarriage inspections

The Volvo undercarriage inspection program is a full-package of services, ensuring optimized life–time of the undercarriage, and using latest technology of data and information. Combined with the capabilities of the Volvo expert, it creates a tailored service of maintenance, prevention and support. The undercarriage inspection includes MATRIS, Volvo expert, Genuine Volvo Parts and the Visual Inspection. This ensures nothing is overlooked and maximum performance is achieved.


The advanced Machine Tracking Information System (MATRIS) uses the information provided by the Undercarriage wear inspection. MATRIS produces an extensive undercarriage wear status report, based on the machine operating hours. The collection of reports MATRIS delivers, adds dimension to data which is used to create graphs of wear trend. This allows customers and dealers to make solid decisions on preventative maintenance.

Visual Inspection

The initial stage of the inspection is a visual walk around of the undercarriage to instantly see if there are any issues. Our experts can also advise customers about simple techniques of how to do basic undercarriage visual inspection; this can prevent major issues by identifying any deviation in the early stages.

Genuine Volvo Parts

All the components in the Volvo undercarriage are designed to interact with each other as well as being reliable and durable. When the undercarriage needs a part replaced, Genuine Volvo Parts ensure your Volvo remains a Volvo, maximizing your machine's operational reliability. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality and safety with the Genuine Volvo parts. Adding a foreign part to a system can disrupt the machines' optimum performance, cause further damage and result in the warranty no longer being valid.

Importance of the undercarriage

The excavator's undercarriage does a the job. It supports the total weight of the machine and is continuously subjected to rocks and other obstacles when in operation. Many of its parts are exposed to constant wear and stress. By keeping the undercarriage in good condition, you can count on the machine to always work safely and effectively. You can also rely on the guaranteed superior performance and high quality of Genuine Volvo undercarriage parts. They have been developed specifically for your machine as part of a complete system, and functions optimally with the rest of the drive train. This extends service life, while contributing to lowest possible operating costs during the life of the machine.

  • Regular inspection by a Volvo technician.
  • Analyzing and monitoring saved wear data using advanced software.
  • Report wear result and recommend best maintenance solution.
  • Part replacement and service.
  • Plan next inspection and service
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