What is the difference between CareTrack and ActiveCare® Direct?

CareTrack is Volvo’s telematics system that provides connection to all machine information. It relies on the customer to sort through their data of alarm codes and errors to decipher which require attention. However ActiveCare Direct® is Volvo’s proprietary system that automatically sorts, filters, and prioritizes alarm codes and errors for you so you know which require immediate action.

How is ActiveCare Direct different from other telematics on the market?

Unlike competitors, we take the noise out for you. We know you’re busy; that’s why we were one of the first to launch a telematics system that works directly with the customer and dealer giving you real results in real time.

How do I know my machine is eligible for ActiveCare® Direct?

ACD is available for applicable new machine purchases.

What if my machine is older and I still want to sign up?

No problem! As long as the machine is eligible and equipped with the up-to-date CareTrack hardware, enrolling will be simple. Contact your local dealer to start the process today.

How difficult is it to sign-up?

We know you’re busy, that’s why we created a simple form that will have need-to-know questions such as – which machine is being enrolled, who would you like to deliver the reports to you, how you would like to be billed, and who will be the primary points of contact for ACD.

Do I need to have additional resources for ActiveCare® Direct?

Nope! No additional resources are needed from you. Unlike other programs we don’t expect you to know what error codes or alarms mean – instead we do it for you.

How many notifications will I be getting from ActiveCare® Direct?

Unless a specific action is necessary for your machine, you or your dealer will receive a monthly fleet utilization report for all your enrolled machines.

Is this program really free for a year?

Yes, it really is free for a year! Make sure with your local dealer that it’s eligible during your time of purchase.

What happens if I want to re-enroll after my free year?

Simple! After your free year ends you’ll be automatically renewed in the program. No hassle or phone calls – that’s the way ACD does it.

But I only have CareTrack, am I still able to get ActiveCare® Direct?

Absolutely! If your machine has at least 3G hardware you can upgrade to ACD.