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Get site visibility


Knowing the position of other machines on site can help operators avoid potentially dangerous situations, especially when working on jobsites with restricted visibility. Speed limit notifications further remind operators to keep to a safe speed.

Efficient driving

Being able to monitor traffic and follow the transportation flow in a work cycle allows operators to better anticipate driving decisions, resulting in a more efficient performance.

How it works

The hauler's built-in GPS is used for positioning purposes, while the telecom connection on Volvo Co-Pilot enables communication between machines. Map works seamlessly in combination with the On-Board Weighing app.

Haul roads
Haul roads are shown to assist operators in navigating around the site.

Load and dump zones
Pre-defined load/dump areas can be specified to trigger certain functionalities, for example activating On-Board Weighing information when entering a specific zone.

Single lane sections
The operator will be notified if another machine is approaching within a pre-defined single lane section.

Speed limits
Set speed restrictions for the site and/or specific sections of the site to prevent speeding.

Enhanced data, better insights

With Map you get all the powerful reports and reporting functionality you would expect from On-Board Weighing, plus more.

Map gives the ability to include GPS-coordinate data in your reports, which means you can measure material moved between different location coordinates.

Mixed fleet

Unfortunately, not all fleets are merely comprised of Volvo equipment. Use Map on other machines or vehicles that do not carry the Volvo brand by fitting them with a Co-Pilot kit.

Kits are available to purchase from your local dealer.

Temporary visitors; we got you covered

VCE Site Map is a phone or tablet application that brings visibility to all people that enter the work site. Not all users operate heavy equipment or even equipment with a Co-Pilot.

Search for users or machines on the work site, join the map group and be seen! Download the VCESite Map application available from the App store or Google Play.

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