Paver Screed Operation and Adjustments

Paver Screed Operation and Adjustments

Objective: To teach persons, with responsibility or interest in, the principles of operation of the paver, maintenance, mechanical adjustments, screed set-up, and screed running adjustments to ensure paving quality.

Who should attend: Any individual with interest in or responsible for, preparation, start up and running adjustment of current Volvo offered pavers & screeds

Duration: 3 Days

Course location: Chambersburg, PA


  • Paving safety
  • Screed operation principles
  • Machine preparation
  • Automatic auger/conveyor sensor installation
  • Mat defect identification and correction
  • Paver screed adjustment and set-up
  • Hands-on set-up of screed components
  • Screed heating and components
  • Managing material through the paver
  • Screed maintenance
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