Paver Hydraulic and Electrical Systems - P4410/P4410B

Objective: To familiarize technicians with the hydraulic and electrical systems of the Volvo Blaw-Knox pavers. This will include hands-on troubleshooting.

Who should attend: Anyone responsible for the service and / or repair of the Volvo Blaw-Knox pavers; PF2181, PF4410, and P4410B. 

Duration: 4 Days

Course location: Chambersburg, PA


  • Paving safety
  • Paving history
  • Paver operation overview
  • Examine electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Examine screed heating system
  • Review various screeds and respective tractors
  • Simulate paver set-up
  • Automatic Grade & Slope (AGS) systems and troubleshooting
  • Hands-on exercises used throughout the course
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