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Volvo screed VDT-V 89 ETC

VDT-V 89 ETC screed

When creating special profiles in the road surface, the VDT-V89 gives you total versatility when it comes to the shape of the profile you are creating. Two additional articulated sections which are adjustable 10% (5.7°) upwards or downwards, in addition to a folding crown adjustment in the middle allow you to easily create special profiles in the road surface. This reduces material waste and enhances site efficiency through a better matched road profile.

P7820D ABG

Sales code Paving width Attachment type
SF12829552 9′ 8″ - 19′ 7″ Screed Variomatic
SF12829553 9′ 8″ - 24′ 6″ Screed Variomatic
SF12829554 9′ 8″ - 27′ 9″ Screed Variomatic
SF12829555 9′ 8″ - 29′ 5″ Screed Variomatic
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