Environmental care

The loaders are equipped with the latest technology dedicated to protecting the environment.

Volvo H-series Loaders: committed to environmental care

With environmental care at the forefront of everything we do, Volvo's L60H, L70H and L90H Loaders are 95% recyclable and are equipped with the latest technology to lessen its impact on the environment. To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we are continually improving the global footprint by limiting greenhouse gas emissions and material usage. With Volvo's 6 liter diesel Tier 4 Final engine and unique Eco-pedal delivers high performance without compromising fuel efficiency.

volvo loader l60h t4f

Strongly attached

Environmental care is at the forefront of Volvo's core values and to show its passion and dedication, Volvo thinks about all aspects of the machine which can impact on the environment.

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