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Volvo's wide range of high quality attachments are perfectly matched to the machine's linkage, hydraulics and driveline to work as one unit and increase productivity.

Volvo H-series Loaders: match and attach

Easily switch and swap from a wide range of Volvo attachments, purpose-built to perfectly match the Volvo L60H, L70H, and L90H Loaders. Choose from an array of options, including the Volvo general purpose bucket, pallet forks, material handling arm and light material bucket, designed for improved visibility and ease of use for maximum performance and versatility.

volvo loader l60h t4f

A multiple of talents

Volvo offers the most durable and effective attachments, which work in harmony with your machine for increased productivity and versatility. They are designed for improved visibility and ease of use, so you can swap and change your attachments quickly and safely.

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