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You probably chose a Volvo wheel loader because you wanted the best. So why settle for less when it comes to the attachments? Only with Volvo attachments do you get what you wanted when you bought a Volvo in the first place – flexibility and uptime.


Attachment Brackets

volvo attachment compact loader

Attachment Bracket VAB-STD (TPV)

Standard Volvo Attachment Bracket (VAB-STD), also known as TPV, is the most commonly used attachment bracket in the world. Originally developed by Volvo and proven for decades globally. The VAB-STD allows quick and safe interchangeability of attachments from many machine generations. The ISO organization have created an International standard based on the Volvo design, ISO 23727.


volvo attachment compact loader

General purpose bucket

A wide range of dirt buckets for digging in a variety of ground conditions. Features a short bucket floor length to maximize breakout force.

volvo attachment compact loader

High tip bucket

The bucket is designed for handling low density materials such as coal, coke, wood chips. Because it is dumped over a special frame, the unloading height is considerably increased to clear truck side walls and hoppers. Exceptional dump clearance for high trucks and bins.

volvo attachment compact loader

Side tip bucket

The side tip general purpose bucket is perfect for diverse applications as tunnel construction, building levees, filling trenches. The bucket is hydraulically articulated on the side for metering bedding materials into a trench or loading a truck in a confined area. No need for complicated maneuvers for filling trenches (less time consuming), perfect for operating in congested work sites.

volvo attachment wheel loader bucket

Grading bucket

The grading bucket is a bucket with a long flat bottom. It is intended for earthmoving work such as topsoil stripping, small-scale dozing, landscaping, and leveling. An edge is provided on the back side for grading when the machine is reversed.

volvo attachment compact loader

Clamp bucket

The clamp bucket is designed to be used in the recycling industry for loading waste, branches, and bulky materials. Bucket is equipped with a single clamp operated with 2 hydraulic cylinders.

volvo attachment compact loader

Stone sorting bucket

The stone sorting bucket is ideal for digging up rocks, sifting through dirt, clearing stone from fields and removing debris from jobsites. Stones and rocks are retained while machine is digging.


volvo attachment compact loader

Log grapple

The log grapple is used for handling and sorting of different types of timber, including tree-length stems. Long tines and a grapple with large opening permit effective and precise loading and unloading.

Material Handling Arm

volvo attachment wheel loader ma

Material handling arms

The material handling arm is a useful tool to pick, carry or load a large variety of materials and equipment. It can be used for different types of application: construction, agriculture, industry, or pipe laying. It is available as extendable with a mechanical telescopic section with 4 different positions and fixed.

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