volvo inspection program

Ours vs. Theirs


Our designers and engineers work to create maintenance points that are easy to access, so service checks can be carried out quickly and comfortably — helping keep your machines running and your team safe.


We recently put our design to the test, placing the EC350E and EC380E up against two industry-leading competitors.

Volvo Construction Equipment shows you why our excavators are easier to maintain than our competition’s

1. Centralized Arm Greasing

Ours: Centralized greasing point on the arm for quick, easy maintenance.

Theirs: Both competitors have multiple, separated greasing points. 

2. Slew Ring Grease Bath

Ours: A raised, thick and tight seal cover provides durability for a long service interval.

Theirs: Competitor A’s cover is flush to the deck, allowing water in; Competitor B’s is behind the boom cylinder mount, making it difficult to check for water. 

3. Anti-Slip Plates

Ours: Steel, punched plates channel mud and snow under the plates to maintain safe access.

Theirs: Competitor A has small studs that are easily covered by mud and snow and hard on knees during service work. Competitor B still uses sandpaper in access areas. 

4. Swing Bearing Lube Points

Ours: Grouped together on the front of the superstructure, accessible from ground level.

Theirs: Competitor B has separate lube points on the front and back of the superstructure, requiring someone to crawl under or rotate the upper structure to reach the zerk.

5. Cab Air Filter

Ours: Located at the rear of the cab, away from contaminants with a convenient pull- tab for quick replacement.

Theirs: Competitor filters are located directly above the tracks, leading to rapid clogging from dirt.

6. Under-the-Hood Access

Ours: Hand grip unlocks the engine hood easily; locks automatically.

Theirs: Both competitors require bending and reaching across the engine to access and unlock the latch. 

7. Compartment Doors

Ours: Robust design with wide-opening door and automatic locking system.

Theirs: Competitor B uses a manual lock system, while Competitor A uses a lighter hinge with a pinch-point release latch.

8. AdBlue / DEF Fill

Ours: AdBlue / DEF filling port is located near the fuel fill for easy fill and spill cleanup.

Theirs: Both competitors’ filling ports are located under a step, making it difficult to access and fill.

9. Quick Disconnect Hose

Ours: Allows for easy, efficient draining of engine and hydraulic oil.

Theirs: Access to ports is located behind a heavy panel.