excavator working

ours vs. theirs


In an era when technology has seemingly evened the playing field, it’s the little differences in quality — the ones that often go unnoticed — that can make the biggest impact to a machine’s durability.

We put our EC350E and EC380E up against two of the industry-leading competitors. Here’s what we found.

When it comes to durability, our Volvo Excavators are top of the line. We outperform the competition for seven distinct reasons across all parts of our machine. This is our ExFactor.

1. Boom and Arm

Ours: Upper plate, side plates and lower plate are up to 1⁄4-inch thicker and covered by a Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty.

Thinner steel plates supported by only a 6- to 12-month warranty (Competitor A) or 3-year warranty (Competitor B).

2. Undercarriage

Ours: X-style chassis has robotically welded, single-piece upper and lower plates and is covered by a Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty. Heavy-duty guard plates offer protection under superstructure and X-frame.

Theirs: Competitor A has a at undercarriage with upper plate split at a key stress point and is covered by a 6- to 12-month warranty. Competitor B has a straight plate welded on one side only, no plate belly guard under the hydraulic swivel, and is covered by a 3-year warranty.

3. Track Motor Cover

Ours: Track motor cover with full recessed area protects bolt heads.

Both competitors leave bolt heads exposed, increasing likelihood of damage.

4. Lateral Wear Plate Between Arm and Bucket

Ours: Arm end features hardened steel plate for less wear. Can easily be replaced by removing four countersunk screws.

Both competitors’ plates would have to be cut off and rebuilt once worn out.

5. Idler Frame Reinforcement

Ours: Reinforced idler frame increases durability on rough terrain.

Neither competitor has idler frame reinforcement.

6. Slew Ring Grease Bath

Ours: A raised, thick and tight seal cover provides durability for a long service interval.

Theirs: Competitor A’s cover is flush to the deck, allowing water in. Competitor B’s is behind the boom cylinder mount, making it difficult to check for water.

7. Electrical Harnesses

Ours: High-quality, coated and waterproof.

Theirs: Both competitors have a lower-quality, uncoated, non-waterproof harness.