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Volvo Articulated Hauler A45G FS T2 T4F

Discover full suspension

Rough roads? Just relax and full bore ahead.

Discover full suspension

Race over rough haul roads at full speed comfortably. Lower your cost per ton dramatically.
Discover the unique benefits of our fully hydraulic suspension for articulated haulers. 

Drive four times faster on rough roads

Most haulers have to slow down as soon as the road gets rough. Not so with full suspension. It efficiently cancels out any disturbances, so you can step on the gas rather than on the brakes. When you drive empty on a rough haul road it really comes into its own, allowing you to increase your speed from 13 km/h (8 mph) to 52 km/h (32 mph) with the same level of comfort and control. It’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself to believe.

Get the job done with 13% lower cost per ton

Increasing the speed will greatly reduce your cycle times. You get the job done quicker which does wonders for your productivity. By switching to full suspension, you might be able to do the same job with fewer machines, considerably decreasing your total cost of ownership (see the example below). And since full suspension is now a very affordable option, the payback time is only a matter of a few months. 

No more bumpy rides

Operators love Volvo full suspension haulers. And no wonder. They eliminate the shocks, vibration and noise so commonly associated with driving off-road. This increases the driving comfort, saving you from repetitive strain injuries in the long run, while keeping you alert and in control throughout the workday. Plus, a smoother ride is easier on both the road and the hauler – reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

Revolutionizing hauling since 2007

Since we launched full suspension in 2007, it has proved to be a reliable system for the toughest of driving conditions. Many mining and quarrying companies worldwide have praised the unique technology for the benefits it has brought them in productivity and operator comfort. All while being just as durable and dependable as a traditional suspension.

Get exactly the right load – and keep it

Volvo full suspension haulers are standard-equipped with our On Board Weighing (OBW) system. It helps you quickly load as much as possible without the risk of overload, saving the machine and tires from unnecessary wear. Furthermore, the built-in automatic leveling system continuously stabilizes the load while driving to minimize the risk of spillage.

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How full suspension can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by 13%

This example shows how switching to full suspension can have a large effect on your business. It’s based on a fleet of 16 articulated haulers, with a total haul cycle of 3.1 kilometers (1.9 miles). This is what happens when you replace conventional suspension haulers (A45G) with full suspension haulers (A45G FS).

Average cycle times – reduced by 20%

Since full suspension haulers drive faster on challenging haul roads, average cycle times are reduced by close to five minutes.

Total fleet size – reduced by 18%

With more cycles per hour, the fleet in this example can be reduced from 16 to 13 haulers.

Cost per ton – reduced by 13%

With 18% fewer haulers, delivering 20% shorter cycle times, the total cost per ton and cost of ownership is reduced by 13%.

The race: conventional vs. full suspension

The Volvo A45G Full suspension articulated hauler is purpose-built to deliver reliability and performance that is second to none. When working in tough terrain, the A45G FS delivers superior productivity, travel speed and cycle times when compared to other haulers for an improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

How does it work?

Full suspension is a fully hydraulic system. It works by supplying hydraulic fluid to the suspension cylinders. Oil is free to flow to and from the tank as needed, unlike with gas hydraulic cylinders. 

The front suspension consists of two hydraulic cylinders (1) and two accumulators. The bogie beam and rubber springs have been replaced with four hydraulic cylinders coupled with four accumulators (2) working in pairs – two high-pressure pairs for loaded operations and two low-pressure pairs for unloaded operations.

Six level sensors (3) monitor the frame movement in relation to the axles and signal the hydraulic system to adjust the suspension dynamically.

A45G FS at a glance

Whether you work in mining, quarrying or heavy infrastructure projects, the A45G FS will get the job done efficiently, comfortably and productively in extreme off-road conditions.

  • 41,000 kg (45.2 ton) load capacity
  • 25.1 m3 (32.85 yd3) body volume, SAE 2:1 heap
  • 30,500 kg (67,241 lb) net weight, 71 500 kg (157,631 lb) gross weight
  • 350 kW (469 hp) Volvo D16 diesel engine
  • Full hydraulic suspension
  • Automatic leveling and stabilizer
  • On Board Weighing system 
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