Simply versatile

Do more with the P4410B, based on a proven design to deliver superior performance across a variety of applications. The overall length provides easy transport, site maneuverability and, from heavy commercial to light-highway, the P4410B is the preferred universal paving tool. Equipped with straightforward controls, simple hydraulics and ample engine power, the P4410B makes difficult paving jobs easy and quickly gets the job done.

Volvo asphalt paver P4410B T4f

Proven paving performance

Born from the Blaw-Knox legacy, the P4410B tracked paver combines maneuverability and high-capacity performance powered with the efficient and reliable Tier 4 Final engine. Delivering high reliability and low operating costs, the P4410B is your best partner for paving projects.

Volvo asphalt paver P4410B T4f

Safe and in control

From the low profile, single level platform, experience ease of movement and unhampered visibility of the material flow and paver operation jobsite. Operate on both sides of the paver with the convenient swing console, which hosts intuitively grouped controls – clearly labeled for ease of use, day or night. The platform design offers temporary storage of tools and belongings, while the handrails, wide non-slip walkways and steps secure operator safety.

Volvo asphalt paver P4410B T4f

Straightforward service

With simple serviceability, the P4410B takes the hassle out of daily checks and routine service. Large opening panels offer easy access to vital checkpoints and filters, while strategically-placed hydraulic test ports make it easy to get the paver back on the job – fast. Combined with clean hose and harness routing, the practical design of the paver provides all the reliability and durability you’d expect from Volvo.

Volvo asphalt paver P4410B T4f

Low cost, high uptime

It’s easy to keep costs low and machine uptime high with the P4410B’s built-in features and uncomplicated technology. Thanks to maintenance-free bearings, say goodbye to daily and weekly greasing. Save time with easily accessible daily checkpoints and cut costs thanks to wear-resistant conveyor chains, floor plate and auger flights. Add automatic track self-tensioning, and the result is high uptime, low repair costs and long paver life.

Volvo asphalt paver P4410B T4f

Pave to the max

Achieve supreme mat quality, high laydown rates and long-lasting results with the UltiMat16, fitted with two-stage extensions on both sides of the screed that can be adjusted hydraulically from 8-16ft. The power slope and crown, dual screed controls and precise adjustability make this full-featured screed ideal for any application – from heavy commercial to light highway applications – because you need a screed as versatile as you.

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