Operational data

Volvo offers machine owners, operators and service technicians access to a wealth of vital data that will control productivity and save money.

The key to profitability

Unlock the secret to hauler productivity with innovations including Volvo's telematics system, revolutionary On Board Weighing technology and diagnostic tools. Volvo gives you access to important information – including fuel consumption and productivity data – to improve performance and increase machine availability. It all adds up to more with Volvo.


Volvo articulated trucks are equipped with CareTrack*, the company's telematics system. CareTrack provides information to improve productivity and efficiency – including fuel consumption data, location reports and service reminders. *In markets where CareTrack is available.

On Board Weighing (OBW)

Exterior load indicator lights are visible to the operator loading the hauler – illuminating yellow at part load, green at nominal load and red when overloaded. OBW logs all transported loads for complete payload management and presents this data on the operator display. The information can be accessed remotely via CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system.


Contronics continuously provides valuable information on the hauler's systems and operation. Diagnostics and data needed for optimum operation, such as malfunction indicators, are communicated to the operator via a colored monitor paired with a keypad. This provides easy navigation between different screens and functions.


This tool uses information from the machine to analyze and monitor the operation. MATRIS analysis supports optimized performance by tracking activity characteristics and identifying opportunities for improvement – resulting in better fuel economy, efficient operation and longer machine life.

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