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volvo ground engaging tools
Ground Engaging Tools

Superior performance, guaranteed

Volvo offers a full range of Ground Engaging Tools, developed to the highest standards, to meet the demands of all your applications. Whether you choose the patented Volvo Tooth System, edges, segments or breaker tools, our design and choice of material guarantees superior performance.

Volvo Tooth System

Benefit from unrivalled levels of performance and uptime, helping you get the most from your Volvo machine. Based on decades of experience and engineering expertise, we offer a full range of teeth and adapters for all wheel loaders, excavators, and compact machines. It is proven that with Volvo Tooth System your Volvo machines will dig faster and stay sharper for longer.

Make no compromise on quality and choose the Volvo Tooth System, the best choice for Volvo buckets.

  • Patented teeth and adapters for all types of applications.
  • Self-sharpening teeth.
  • Maximum wear life.
  • Withstand high levels of force and stress.
  • Easy to mount and remove.
  • Wear Cap to prolong the adapter life in demanding conditions.

Did you know?

Volvo Bolt-on edges, Segments, Cutting edges, Side plates and other wear plates are made of 500 Brinell hard steel. Upgrading from 400 to 500 Brinell can increase service life by 70 %.


Improve bucket penetration, protect the cutting edge and increase service life with a range of casted segments for wheel loaders and excavators, and standard cut segments for wheel loaders. The result is more uptime and lower operating costs.

Bolt-on edges

Bolt-on edges are designed to protect the front cutting edge from wear, maintaining a smooth bucket floor and providing extra protection for a longer service life. Genuine Volvo Bolt-on edges are made of high-quality steel with consistent thickness over the full width and length of the component. What’s more, they are reversible for longer life. The result is an improved component lifespan – increasing uptime, boosting productivity, and lowering operating costs.

Heavy duty applications

Boost the durability of your bucket with a range of retrofit wear parts designed to enhance the strength and performance of your bucket in heavy duty applications, including:

  • Side Shrouds
  • Bottom Corner Shrouds
  • Kickers
  • Chocky bars
  • Inside Liners.
Volvo Breaker Tools

Specially designed and manufactured to be compatible with the tool bushings, tool retaining pins and piston, Volvo Breaker Tools are essential to achieving optimum performance from your Volvo breaker. Featuring optimized tool hardness according to the application at hand, our range of Volvo Breaker Tools includes:

  • Pyramid moil
  • Moil
  • Chisel
  • Blunt
  • Compacting plate
  • Spade.
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