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Blaw Knox Asphalt Pavers


What you need to get the job done right

Volvo offers various screeds for the pavers to meet your specific needs.  With the proven vibratory design of the Omni series screeds, high levels of production can be achieved.  The Omni series screeds offer full-depth screed extensions, providing uniform compaction and appearance.

The Ultimat series are commercial screeds which are electrically heated, front-mounted extensions, providing double width paving capability.  Wedgelock screeds can be ordered as fixed screeds or with strike-offs providing convenience in operation.

Optimat 320-R Screed

For all applications and crew preferences, Volvo has the right screed for you. Volvo offers front or rear-mount extension screeds, complemented with additional options for auger kits, bolt-on extension kits, and strike off kits for wide paving. Joining our durable screed line up is the new OptiMat 320-R rear-mount extension screed, which, like all Volvo screeds, is built on real customer feedback to deliver unrivaled surface quality, high laydown rates and long-lasting results.

Available for: P7110B, P7170B

volvo attachment screed blaw kno

Ultimat screed

Every successful paving project depends on the tandem work of both the paver and the screed. The paver might get all the attention, but it’s the screed that makes the mat. Our new Ultimat® is a versatile, front-mounted screed that gives you the ultimate in maneuverability around jobsite obstacles. Packed with innovative features and classic Volvo durability, the Ultimat offers the highest standards in paving widths, electric heat, temperature control, and raw performance.

Available for:

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