volvo attachment wheel loader bucket

Grading bucket

The grading bucket has a long flat bottom. It is intended for earthmoving work such as topsoil stripping, small scale dozing, landscaping and leveling of fill. An edge is provided on the back side for grading when the machine is reversed.


Sales code Interface Type of wear parts / Fitting Type Capacity heaped (no wear parts) Capacity heaped (with wear parts) Width Weight Attachment type
WLA85404 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 3.531 yd³ 3.793 yd³ 113.39 in 2535.32 lbs Bucket
WLA85405 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 3.793 yd³ 4.055 yd³ 118.11 in 2991.67 lbs Bucket
WLA92477 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 2.747 yd³ 3.008 yd³ 104.33 in 2248.72 lbs Bucket
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