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Heavy duty bucket - Universal cut

Intended for productive digging in compact materials like loose or blasted rock, hard packed clay and stone. (~2100 kg/m3). Also appropriate for gravel, ripped basalt, caliche, shot granite, high silica sand, rock handling, sharp rock and other dense materials. The bucket has an all-round heavier and tougher build than the GP version. Features include Bottom wear strips cover almost the whole bottom plate and optional side shrouds and segments.


Sales code Interface Capacity Cutting width Weight Wear parts (type) Wear parts (nr) Side cutting edge description (type) Attachment type
8296603 Pin-on type 5.101 yd³ 77.56 in 11166.41 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8296605 Pin-on type 6.147 yd³ 80.71 in 12438.48 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8296822 Pin-on type 6.801 yd³ 86.61 in 13022.71 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8296823 Pin-on type 7.063 yd³ 89.76 in 13353.4 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8296824 Pin-on type 7.325 yd³ 92.52 in 13595.91 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8304163 Pin-on type 8.5 yd³ 90.55 in 13809.52 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
8304164 Pin-on type 7.85 yd³ 92.52 in 13664.02 lbs 125ARXE 5 BOSS Bucket
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