volvo attachment wheel loader bucket

Grading bucket

The grading bucket is a bucket with a long flat bottom. It is intended for earthmoving work such as topsoil stripping, small-scale dozing, landscaping, and leveling. An edge is provided on the back side for grading when the machine is reversed.


Sales code Interface Type of wear parts / Fitting Type Capacity heaped (no wear parts) Capacity heaped (with wear parts) Width Weight Attachment type
CL11391252 P-type Bolted 0.785 yd³ 1.046 yd³ 70.87 in 677.92 lbs Bucket
CL11391253 Z-type Bolted 1.046 yd³ 1.308 yd³ 74.8 in 795.87 lbs Bucket
CL11391254 Z-type Bolted 1.177 yd³ 1.439 yd³ 78.74 in 826.73 lbs Bucket
CL11391255 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 1.177 yd³ 1.439 yd³ 78.74 in 884.05 lbs Bucket
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