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volvo wheel excavator ew180e t4f
Wheeled Excavators

Mobile, versatile and productive

Volvo Wheeled Excavators

Volvo's wheeled excavator is highly-flexible, working either on-road or off-road. The machine provides versatility, allowing you to switch between the attachments you need. Travel at high speeds in the comfort of your Volvo cab. The Volvo fuel-efficient engine and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

Values in imperial Change


  • 43,400 - 50,300 lbs
  • 173 hp
  • 0.55 - 1.44 yd³


  • 40,124 - 44,753 lbs
  • 175 hp
  • 1.14 yd³


  • 35,714 - 40,124 lbs
  • 156 hp
  • 1.02 yd³
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