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Meet the muscle behind the Kiruna megaproject

The second of a nine-part series looks at the relocation project of Kiruna, a small mining town above the Arctic Circle. We'll send you the scoop to your inbox every Wednesday. This week, we get up close and personal with Anton Laitamaa, an experienced technician to find out how he completes the perilous job - day in and day out.

Volvo technician Anton Laitamaa.

One day he installs a new gearbox in a Volvo excavator, another day he goes 1,365 meters below ground to serve heavy machinery in the mine. Meet Anton Laitamaa, technician at Swecon, Volvo CE's dealer in Kiruna, Sweden.
Outside, snow is falling, and beanie season has started for Anton. Today, however, he’ll be spending most of his day indoors. A machine at the far end of Swecon’s Kiruna workshop requires servicing.

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