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Check Out This Time-Lapse Video Showing a Volvo Wheel Loader Rebuild

Our Volvo Certified Experts show how easy it is to rebuild a Volvo Wheel Loader.

Volvo Certified New Life Refurbishment - Front End Loader Rebuild

Have you ever rebuilt a car? If so, you know just how tedious it can be. Now imagine rebuilding a 15,000 pound wheel loader.

This video really showcases the mechanical abilities required to do a full wheel loader rebuild. Watch the time-lapse video for a start to finish transformation through thousands of pictures of the completed project.

These Volvo-Certified Experts breathe new life into this wheel loader as part of the Volvo Certified New Life Refurbishment program. This mid-life refurbishment lets machine owners keep their costs down and rebuild major components of wheel loaders prior to failure. Owners can benefit from a brand new look, increased power, and life extension as their trusted machines begin to age. You can access more information by visiting Volvo’s New Life Refurbishment Page.

We invite you to watch the full wheel loader rebuild process on our YouTube channel. The three-minute video takes you on a step-by-step tour of a full scale wheel loader transformation. It just might inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with a project of your own!


Volvo Certified New Life Refurbishment Time Lapse

Our Volvo Certified Experts ad new life to this Wheel Loader through the Volvo Certified New Life Refurbishment program. See how you can make your machine like new again.