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How design is driving America’s largest infrastructure project

The second of a five-part series looks at the ground-breaking Interstate-4 reconstruction project in Florida. We’ll deliver the details directly to your inbox every Wednesday. This week, we delve into the megaproject’s design.

LED lightning under a bridge on the new I-4

When Alvaro Alonso was studying civil engineering at the University of Florida some 30 years ago, little did he know that he would someday go on to direct one of the largest construction projects his state has ever seen. Alonso is the design-build manager of the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project, a massive $2.3 billion Public-Private Partnership (P3) venture to redesign and reconstruct Florida’s Interstate 4 (I-4).

“I am always excited to come to work,” Alonso said. “The magnitude of this project can baffle the mind. It is the largest infrastructure project underway in the United States and has involved 600 engineers from all over the world. I am often challenged but always go home satisfied every single day.”

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