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We’re back with Volvo CE’s megaproject series

The first of a nine-part series looks at the relocation of Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city. We’ll deliver the details directly to your inbox every week. To start off the series, we find out why moving a city is more than just a challenge – it’s an opportunity.

The Kiruna mine at dusk

Every night, just over an hour after midnight, a rumbling arises from the ground under Kiruna. Most people living here are so used to the sound that they don’t even react. LKAB’s nightly explosions are a part of the everyday life of this city, located 145 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

“The mine and the city are mutually dependent, and this is how it has been since the very beginning. The community was established thanks to the mine being founded here. And that’s still the way it is today,’ says Land and Development Manager Eva Ekelund of Kiruna Municipality.

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