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Helping Solve the Skills Gap

Finding skilled construction industry workers — from welders and fabricators to mechanics and engineers — has become increasingly challenging, and is creating a number of pain points that span across manufacturing and distribution.

Volvo Golden Hauler auctioned off to help close skills gap

In an effort to help close the gap, Volvo partnered with SkillsUSA and Skills Competences Canada — organizations dedicated to improving the quality of North America’s skilled workforce. To grow awareness of the issue, and to connect students with career opportunities, Volvo marked the 50th anniversary of its invention of the articulated hauler with a golden-painted hauler. The hauler is traveling throughout North America, stopping at Volvo dealerships and Skills events, introducing students to individuals who chose a career path in the construction industry and opening up communication. 

skillsgap-infographic “By 2020, we expect there to be a 10-million-person shortage in our skilled workforce,” said Peyton Holland, Executive Director for SkillsUSA North Carolina. “That’s what makes this partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment so tremendous — students get to meet real people, learn about real careers, and hear real stories about how people developed their own career paths.”

The hauler will be auctioned off in early 2017, with proceeds benefitting SkillsUSA and Skills Canada. The hauler’s last official tour stop will take place at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March of 2017.

Skills Gap: Facts to Know

  • Today’s tradesperson has an average age of 56, and 5 – 15 years until retirement
  • There are 10 million new skilled workers needed by 2020
  • Today’s youth believe that being seen as a “professional” is most important, overruling concerns about pay, career growth or physical labor
  • A variety of causes are likely to blame for the technical skills gap — chief among them are failures in the technical education system, retiring baby boomers, and poor visibility and perception of vocational careers among youth
  • About 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age every day for the next 14 years
  • Over the next decade, it’s estimated that 2 million jobs will go unfulfilled


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