On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 Volvo CE held a live event at the North American Customer Center giving viewers an exclusive look at the EC380EL Straight Boom.


Configured to deliver the highest levels of performance and safety in demolition applications, the EC380EL Straight Boom is a tailor-made machine, specially adapted to meet the unique requirements of the demolition segment. 


Over the course of the event, Tony den Hoed, Key Accounts Director and demolition industry expert introduced viewers to the new features of this specialty demolition machine.

EC380 Demolition Straight Boom Virtual Launch

Take an exclusive look at the EC380EL Straight Boom, a new excavator from Volvo specifically designed for demolition. In this video, we show the machine in a real application setting as well as getting up close and personal with the technical specifications of the machine.

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Meet the Presenter

Tony den Hoed

Tony is a National Demolition Account Director for Volvo CE. Tony has been working for Volvo CE for 18 years, and began working with demolition equipment in 2008. With a master’s degree in engineering, Tony enjoys hands-on opportunities to problem solve directly with customers and dig deep to figure out the right solutions. Tony is a National Demolition Association member and active participant in the convention committee.