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Where The Rubber Meets ... The Road

The paved road that is... where the Canadian province of Saskatchewan based H.J.R. Asphalt Partnership has perfected the crumb rubber asphalt paving process. H.J.R. is a recognized leader in the paving industry, and Volvo Construction Equipment along with their dealer group, Redhead Equipment, helps them get the job done.

"When we started our business back in 1988, the first new paver that we purchased was a Blaw-Knox 5510. We still use that same paver today." One doesn't have to look too closely to see the glint of pride in Reg Willick's eye as he tells the story of how the largest asphalt paving company in the province has grown from very humble beginnings. "We pride ourselves in being innovators and leaders in the industry."

Partnership. Benefits.

 H.J.R. Asphalt Partnership is truly that. A partnership. "Back in 1988, the late Harry Tarasoff along with his brother Jim and long-time friend, Reg Willick were working in the paving industry and saw an opportunity to provide a higher level of quality workmanship and customer service. Today, the province
of Saskatchewan, with its over 16,300 miles (26,250 km) of roads, the largest rural road network of any province in Canada, benefits from the innovation and quality that H.J.R. provides.

According to Jim Tarasoff, the annual season for paving success in Saskatchewan is fairly short. "We usually get going somewhere in early May and our highway work will usually end in early October. We maintain a plus 40 degree Fahrenheit (plus 5 Celsius) policy. We will not do any highway paving if the temperature drops below this minimum and in the spring and fall that could mean a lot of standing around waiting for the temperature to rise, resulting in some very short workdays."