Site Development Grows Hartford County Business

Site Prep Contractor Achieves Nearly 100 Percent Uptime.


Site development is often an unseen and unsung job, but it forms the bedrock of every construction project. Expert site work can add thousands of vehicle miles to roadways, shore up structures and extend the life of underground utility lines for several decades.  

“What we do every day no one ever sees, but it’s not worth cutting corners. When you hire Midstate Site Development, you know we have a high standard. And it’s based on safety, knowledge and innovation,” says owner Glenn Korner, of the Bloomfield, Connecticut full-service site contractor.

To walk Glenn’s jobsite, you see firsthand the changing demographic of his fleet and how he analyzes his equipment choices. He prefers to purchase rather than lease equipment, so reliability and residual value stay top of mind. A dependable Volvo fleet factors largely in the company having near 100 percent machine availability. He realizes how the design of his machines results in reduced maintenance, extended operator comfort and faster cycle times.

Starting with his first Volvo machine, an EC340 crawler excavator, Glenn eyed how he could maximize potential from a single machine.

“Having Volvo equipment on the job makes a big difference. We were bidding a school job and won the bid because we saved the customer $250,000. We were in and out in two months because we had the EC340. When the other contractors saw the power of that excavator, their jaws dropped to the floor.”

Today, Midstate Site Development’s fleet includes eight Volvo units, ranging from an L90 wheel loader to the newest, an ECR235 short swing excavator and an L50G compact wheel loader. These two later generation models offer the impressive lifting capacities required to complete the company’s tough jobs. The same machine that fits snugly in a single lane of traffic has the heavy-duty breakout forces demanded of general excavation.

As Glenn considers fleet replacement, the decisions are not simple. The dependability of Volvo machines makes his choices more strategic than tactical.

“Our fleet is a mix of Volvo and a competitor brand, but we are migrating to Volvo due to the ease of maintenance, the great support we receive from our dealer, Tyler Equipment, and the quality and longevity you get from the machines,” says Glenn. “Especially those excavators — there’s no pin wear. We have an EC240 with a hammer attachment with 5,000 hours. The pins are still tight!”

In site development, as in construction equipment, quality is a sign of longevity. That’s why Glenn chose Volvo. Reliability is his Ex Factor.