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Contractor Uses Telematics to Stay Lean While Winning Bigger Jobs

When a company with four employees goes from bidding $50,000 jobs in 2010 to bidding $750,000 jobs in 2015 and $1 million jobs in 2017 while only increasing its staffing to 10 people, it draws attention. A combination of business savvy, persistence, skill and use of telematics have helped Saltmarsh Industries do just that.

Saltmarsh Industries uses Volvo ActiveCare Direct Telematics to help expand their business

Saltmarsh Industries started with humble beginnings. Jesse Saltmarsh founded the company in 2005 doing small line striping, paving and asphalt maintenance projects. The company became incorporated in 2009, and Saltmarsh brought on his brothers Alex and Nick, and friend, Tony Brignoli.

Their largest job was $400,000 until in 2015, when they felt comfortable bidding a $750,000 job, partly because of their acquisition of a Volvo ECR305C short swing excavator. Over time, Saltmarsh Industries has continued to stand out and prove their ability.

Undertaking bigger jobs has meant more equipment and the need to manage a larger fleet. When they bought their new ECR305C excavator, Tyler Equipment, a Volvo dealer based on East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, suggested CareTrack®, Volvo’s telematics system.

Brignoli, apprehensive to use telematics at first, quickly saw the benefits. He uses telematics to monitor the hours used, cut down travel time, and proactively service the machines.

Eventually, Saltmarsh Industries’ fleet grew to where Brignoli felt he spent too much time looking at raw data and, in 2017, they purchased a Volvo EC380E crawler excavator with ActiveCare DirectTM.

“If I have to spend two days out of a five-day week checking on equipment, filters and hours versus having ActiveCare Direct tell me that the air filter is clogged on my EC380E when it’s a problem, I can save time and know exactly what needs fixed instead of chasing a whole bunch of machines around,” Brignoli says.

CareTrack and ActiveCare Direct are great tools to relieve some of the burden facing owners and to help these entrepreneurs deal with more responsibility and their desire to grow.

“We’re not going to get bigger; we’re going to get wider, ultimately switching to more of a general contracting role,” Brignoli says. “The possibilities are endless.”