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CareTrack Advanced

Stay informed, receive reports, alarms and information such as fuel status, machine location and hours to plan your service more efficiently.

State-of-the-art service

To keep your machine efficient and increase its longevity, Volvo offers a number of features for regular, quick and easy serviceability that will increase component and machine life. With the Volvo engine, a one stop shop is provided for all your service and maintenance needs.

Service Interval Manager

The EPM 3 can display an automated management system that notifies the operator of required or scheduled maintenance. It alerts you to routine service, daily checks, longer interval service requirements and any overdue maintenance. The system stores information and retains a service history record.

Bolt-on rubber pads and lube-for-life chain

Optional new Volvo branded durable rubber pads are wear and tear resistant, easily replaceable as well as cost effective. The lube-for-life chain increases track service intervals and reduces track noise when traveling.

Service access

Improved service access from the platform provides ease of maintenance, reduces downtime and minimizes operational costs. All daily routine maintenance and fuelling can be performed quickly from the platform saving the operator both time and effort.


Volvo dealers can provide expert analysis of machine operating activity via this tool. MATRIS supports optimized operation by tracking activity characteristics and identifying opportunities for improvement – resulting in better economy and reduced wear.

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