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volvo asphalt compactor dd25 t4i
Asphalt compactors

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Volvo's asphalt compactors have superior drum widths and high frequency to help with faster rolling speeds and high performance. Whether you are working on a highway or small street project, the asphalt compactors offer a wide range of options to maximize your productivity.High frequency vibratory compactors with stellar performance and unsurpassed value give you better speed and higher productivity.

Values in metric Change


  • 24,000 kg
  • 74 kW
  • 1985 mm


  • 24,000 kg
  • 99 kW
  • 1980 mm


  • 10,025 kg
  • 96.9 kW
  • 1676 mm


  • 9,650 kg
  • 63 kW
  • 1680 mm


  • 8,750 kg
  • 63 kW
  • 1680 mm


  • 6,747 kg
  • 63 kW
  • 1448 mm


  • 3,809 kg
  • 31.3 kW
  • 1375 mm


  • 2,515 kg
  • 18.5 kW
  • 1000 mm
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