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Drum vibration system

Volvo's drum vibration system reduces start up power consumption by 50%.

Volvo DD105 asphalt compactor: dynamic drum vibration system

Ensure high quality performance every time with Volvo's drum vibration system, offering multiple amplitudes for a variety of applications. Durable in design, the DD105 asphalt compactor cuts vibration system start up power in half, making in-efficient performance a thing of the past. Engineered for efficiency, the dynamic system allows the roller to operate more effectively, even at high altitudes.

volvo asphalt compactor dd105 t4

Primed for performance

The Volvo DD105 double drum compactor is primed with a range of features to ensure high performance and efficiency. The new drum vibration system, off-set steering & anti slip control deliver excellent compaction with a smooth and consistent finish whatever the site conditions.

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