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Volvo screed VB 89 ETC

VB 89 ETC screed

The paving screed is the heart of the paver, and of crucial importance for the quality of the placed pavement. Volvo Variomatic screeds combine efficiency and cost-effectiveness in an ultramodern design which has the requirements of road construction for both today and tomorrow fully in its sights. Volvo Variomatic screeds are combination tamping and vibratory screeds. They can be specified with either single tamper or dual tamper system.

P7820D ABG

Sales code Paving width Attachment type
SF12829369 3 - 6 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829370 3 - 7.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829371 3 - 8.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829372 3 - 9 m Screed Variomatic
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