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Move more – faster

Propel your profits with the D-Series rigid dumpers, engineered to move material faster and more efficiently. Combining a competitive power-to-weight ratio, effective gearing, and optimum weight distribution, the heavy-duty rigid dumpers cut cycle times.

Volvo Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Born to perform

Count on Volvo to get the job done. The all-new D-Series rigid dumpers are born to perform. The optimally balanced machines haul more tonnes per hour thanks to the winning combination of power, class-leading tractive force, comfort and productivity-enhancing systems. Meet production targets faster and boost the profitability of your business with Volvo.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Profitable payload

Haul it all with the D-Series rigid dumpers from Volvo. The heavy-duty rigid dumpers ensure optimum load retention and are fitted with an exhaust-headed body to minimize material carry-back. Thanks to its durable body, manufactured from high impact, abrasion-resistant steel, the D-Series rigid dumpers achieves maximum production per operating hour, so you can do more – and earn more.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

No feat too steep

No terrain is too deep or steep for the D-Series rigid dumpers, offering impressive tractive effort generated by the complete drivetrain design and configuration. By enhancing torque to the low-geared rear axle, the high capacity torque converter supplies high levels of rimpull so you can scale slopes effortlessly.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

No compromises on comfort

At Volvo, we believe that a comfortable operator equals a happy operator. That’s why we’ve designed the Volvo cab with convenient and responsive features. The steering accumulator provides uniform steering regardless of engine speed. Customize your comfort with the HVAC feature and operate confidently using light controls that fall easy to hand.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D R100E

Smart systems

Take your productivity to the next level with a variety of smart systems, expertly designed to optimize job site efficiency, while minimizing your operational costs. To increase the productivity of your existing and future projects, utilize Volvo Site Simulation, which provides valuable information about your machinery, fleet choices and site configuration.

Volvo rigid haulers
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