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Volvo buckets

Volvo buckets and Volvo wheel loaders are perfectly matched to work together as one solid, reliable unit – delivering maximum productivity and long life.

Volvo G-series wheel loaders: reliability as standard

Meet your match with Volvo CEs wide range of attachments, designed to work in perfect harmony with Volvo wheel loaders. Regardless of the material, Volvo’s heavy-duty buckets won’t let you down. For maximum performance, each bucket is made from high quality materials made to withstand the toughest environments.

volvo loader l90gz t3

The perfect match

Exceptional design and superior durability are at the center of Volvo attachments. The robust buckets are engineered to perform in perfect harmony with Volvo wheel loaders, in the specific environments and applications machine owners operate in. Whatever material you need to load, Volvo has the right bucket for the job.

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