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Volvo cab

Volvo’s industry-leading ROPS/FOPS cab features all-around visibility, ergonomically placed controls, a powerful climate control system and ample storage space.

Volvo G-series wheel loaders: keeping cab comfort in mind

Take on tough jobs in challenging environments from the comfort of Volvo’s industry-leading ROPS/FOPS certified cab. The low-noise cab provides ample storage and leg room, vibration damping, and powerful climate control system to keep the operator fresh, alert and focused – longer. Ergonomically placed controls, titlable steering wheel and clear all-around visibility helps you share the strong, work-all-day feeling your machine has.

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Comfort delivers productivity

Comfort matters – especially in the cab where it has a direct impact on sustained productivity. That’s why the industry-leading Volvo cab has been designed with the operator in focus. Step inside this spacious, comfortable environment and experience a space optimized for long, productive work shifts. Capitalize on comfort and increase your productivity with Volvo.

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