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New generation OptiShift

For improved cycle times and reduced fuel consumption, customize the lock-up engagement of your machine, with new generation OptiShift. The improved technology integrates the Reverse By Braking function and the new torque converter with lock-up, creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Sky-high efficiency

The new L180H High-Lift combines the latest Volvo technology with power and upgraded features, resulting in up to 5% better fuel efficiency and 5% greater productivity than the G-series.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Up to 5% greater fuel efficiency

Do more with less fuel, the H-series machine update offers up to 5% greater fuel efficiency than the G-series. Contributing to the increase is the powerful engine, second generation OptiShift, attachment optimization and the new dry P-Brake, which eliminates drag losses.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Eco pedal

Save on machine wear and increase fuel efficiency with the eco pedal. Uniquely designed by Volvo, the eco pedal encourages economical operation, by applying a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Reverse By Braking

Extend the life of your machine’s components and increase operator comfort with Reverse By Braking – patented by Volvo. The braking function slows the machine when the operator wants to change direction, by reducing engine rpm and automatically applying the service brakes, reducing stress on the drivetrain.

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