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Volvo’s premium D4 engine delivers the ultimate combination of high performance and low fuel consumption.

Volvo EC170D crawler excavator: powerful performance

From quarrying to site preparation, the Volvo EC170D crawler excavator is well-engineered to work hard. Built on proven, advanced technology, Volvo's industry-leading D4 engine combines high performance and low fuel consumption to achieve a powerful performance that lasts. Experience the strength of superior lifting and digging forces, and Volvo's hydraulic system, perfectly matched to the four-cylinder engine, delivering a smooth and fast operation.

volvo excavator ec170d t3

Optimized performance

Volvo Construction Equipment proudly introduces the EC170D crawler excavator, a new machine designed to deliver superior performance and high fuel efficiency. Powered by a premium D4 Volvo engine, this machine is built to work on a range of jobs from construction to quarrying and site preparation. Experience fast cycle times together with excellent digging and lifting capabilities with Volvo.

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