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Oil. There are all kinds of oil for different purposes. Make sure to use the right one. Volvo premium oils are developed especially for your Volvo machine, helping it to achieve optimal performance in the toughest conditions regardless of temperature. We spend years of research and testing to produce the parts that make your Volvo deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again.

Get optimal performance of your machine

Volvo Lubricants are quality assured, fit for purpose and tested for applications in real life environments. Only by using Volvo Lubricants is it guaranteed that the machine will function as originally intended, with the same performance capabilities, component protection and optimized service intervals:

  • Volvo Lubricants are specifically developed, verified and tested to ensure optimal performance in Volvo machines.
  • Using Genuine Volvo Lubricants will extend the service life of your machine.
  • Using Genuine Volvo Lubricants will reduce fuel consumption.
  • Using Genuine Volvo Lubricants will reduce engine wear
Why use Volvo Lubricants?

Optimal performance and uptime can only be guaranteed by using the recommended Volvo Lubricants. No-one knows the needs of Volvo machines better than Volvo.

  • By using Genuine Volvo Lubricants extended service intervals are offered. Fewer oil changes means savings in time and money and less waste. 
  • Genuine Volvo Lubricants increase component and machine life. This is achieved by providing greater protection and performance in the areas of corrosion protection, low temperature pump ability and high temperature service life. 
  • Using Genuine Volvo Lubricants results in a lower total cost of ownership during the machine’s entire service life. 
  • Failure to carry out regular oil changes will damage your Volvo! 

NOTE! Waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local enviromental control regulations

Volvo Lubricant development process

Volvo Construction Equipment invests significant resources in developing lubricants specifically for the machines they design and produce. The process from identification of a requirement through to production of a finished product can take several years. Volvo makes this investment in Volvo Lubricants to ensure that Volvo customers receive the best possible performance from Volvo machines. The development process begins in the design office where the performance requirements are identified. It continues through specification, bench-testing and field trials. Various Volvo specific tests have been developed to ensure that Volvo Lubricants meet the performance requirements. Only when it has passed all these tests, it will be launched as a finished product for Volvo machines.

The Volvo Lubricant offer:

Each component part has specific requirements, such as reduced friction in bearings and gears; cooling in brakes and clutches; and all weather performance for hydraulic systems. All of these demands can be met by Volvo Lubricants with the additional benefits of extended drain intervals and assured quality for the intended application. The Volvo offer consists of:

  • Engine 
  • Hydraulic 
  • Wet Brake/Transmission 
  • Automatic Transmission 
  • Axle/Dropbox
  • Limited Slip Differentials 

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