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Stay genuine – Genuine Volvo Parts

Filters. A vitally important part of any engine. Every working day, liters of oil are pushed through, filtering out dirt and impurities and keeping the engine safe from damage. Volvo filters are designed to perform in demanding conditions. We spend years of research and testing to produce the parts that make your Volvo deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again. 

Made by Volvo for Volvo

If the engine is the heart of a Volvo, the filters are the liver and lungs. Volvo filters make sure the machine stays in peak condition:

  • Always optimized for Volvo
  • High build quality 
  • Excellent filtration efficiency
  • Very low pressure drops 
  • Extra high dirt holding capacity
Why use Volvo filters?
  • Long service intervals and reduced cost. No unplanned workshop visits or downtime which means decreased maintenance cost. 
  • Maximize the functionally of your Volvo machine. Test proves that only Genuine Volvo filters can maximize the functionality of your Volvo machine. 
  • Volvo filters always represent the best business. By protecting the component from damaging particles, less wear and increased service life, Volvo filters represent the best business for your Volvo machine. 
The most important part of the filter

The media used in Volvo filters is manufactured from high-quality cellulose fibers. Fine fibers give a tight filter media with tiny pores and which collects minute particles. Coarse fibers give a thick and open filter media with large pores and high capacity. The media designers mix fine and coarse fibers until the filter media has the exact level of purification and capacity which every type of filter needs. The media used in Volvo’s bypass filter, which operates under very high pressure, is reinforced with synthetic fibers to give sufficient strength.

The Volvo offer consists of:
  • Engine Oil Filters
  • Engine Fuel Filters
  • Engine Air Filters
  • Breather Filters
  • Cab Filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters


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