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Volvo screed VDT-V 89 ETC

VDT-V 89 ETC screed

When creating special profiles in the road surface, the VDT-V89 gives you total versatility when it comes to the shape of the profile you are creating. Two additional articulated sections which are adjustable 10% (5.7°) upwards or downwards, in addition to a folding crown adjustment in the middle allow you to easily create special profiles in the road surface. This reduces material waste and enhances site efficiency through a better matched road profile. In addition this screed features double tamper technology for high compaction to help you succeed in every paving project.

P7820D ABG

Sales code Paving width Attachment type
SF12829552 3 - 6 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829553 3 - 7.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829554 3 - 8.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829555 3 - 9 m Screed Variomatic
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