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Volvo screed VB 89 ETC

VB 89 ETC screed

The VB89 is the perfect choice when creating special profiles in the road surface. There are three articulated sections: a crown adjustment in the centre and two additonal articulated sections on the left and right adjustable 10% (5.7°) upwards or downwards. The result is a more versatile paver, more site effiency and more control over the shape of the profile you are creating, reducing material waste and enhancing site efficiency.

P8820D ABG

Sales code Paving width Attachment type
SF53754615 3 - 8.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF53754616 3 - 9 m Screed Variomatic
SF53754617 3 - 6 m Screed Variomatic
SF53754618 3 - 7.5 m Screed Variomatic
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