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Volvo EC200D brings coal ashore at low cost in Malaysian port

Five units of Volvo EC200D excavators work onboard cargo ships in Kuantan port to make sure the coal is brought ashore fast and cost efficient for Malaysian customer MCIE.

Kuantan Port, a multi-cargo seaport along the east coast of Western Malaysia, facing the South China Sea, serves as a gateway to China and a transit hub for minor ports in the region.

At the geographically well-positioned port, five Volvo EC200D excavators are proving their efficiency for Malaysian facilities management company, Malaysia Coal Integrated Engineering Services (MCIE).

The EC200 machines work onboard bulk coal ships in the port. The excavators are equipped with two specially designed hanging hooks and the port cranes use the hooks to lift the machines onboard the ships. Inside the ship bunker, the excavators stack coal and iron ore and reload the material to a conveyor for further transport out from the ship to a stock collection point on land. 

David Hoon, director of MCIE, is very pleased with the Volvo machines. 

“The EC200D excavators are very powerful and help us greatly with fuel savings compared to our previous excavators from a competitive brand,” Hoon said. “Ever since we purchased the Volvo excavators in 2018, they have worked very well. We are considering upgrading our fleet with larger Volvo excavators as we trust Volvo as a very reliable and high-performing brand.”

The Volvo EC200 is the fastest 20-ton class machine on the market and accordingly speed, alongside with safety and low fuel consumption were the main reasons why MCEI chose to buy the EC200D. 

Working between 10 to 12 hours per day, the excavators reload more than 10,000 ton coal and iron ore per day and help the customer to substantially reduce operating cost.

Also MCIE´s machine operators are pleased with the machines. The operators highly appreciate the good visibility, ergonomics and comfort of the EC200 cabins.

Established in 2005, MCIE provides operation and maintenance services for systems and equipments related to handling bulk material for coal plants and port facilities. Headquartered in Selangor, they have branches and site offices in Johor Bahru, Perak and Negeri Sembilan. 

Superior aftermarket support is another reason Hoon and his team are fans of Volvo CE. MCIE purchased their fleet of Volvo machines from Volvo CE´s own dealer in Malaysia.

“We are extremely satisfied with the aftermarket support Volvo CE Malaysia provides us,” Hoon said. “The Volvo team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to service our fleet of machines effectively. They are able to solve our issues if any, within 24 hours. This top-class aftermarket support gives us a peace of mind knowing that we chose the right brand.”