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Excavators for any challenge

Are Volvo excavators as good as we say? We decided to challenge them for real so we teamed up with Hollywood action star Dolph Lundgren. He pushed them to the limit and had them do feats we never thought an excavator could do. Now they're more pumped up than ever. Pumped up to meet any challenge there is.

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Volvo excavators lined up for Excavators for any challenge
Lined up for duty.
Volvo Excavators for any challenge
Working in harmony.
Dolph Lundgren, facing Volvo excavators in Excavators for any challenge
Time to get pumped up!

Behind the scenes

Follow us behind the scenes and take a peek at the creation of this ambitious workout. Shot in a quarry outside Eskilstuna, Sweden, the full range of Volvo excavators got put to the test by globally renowned action hero Dolph Lundgren as drill instructor. To the beat of the 1989 hit song “Pump Up the Jam”, the unusual team of athletes performed exercises such as pull-ups, tire flips and side-to-side rotations, proving that Volvo excavators are up for any challenge. The stunts in the film were made possible thanks to some of the unique features of Volvo excavators. The pull-up exercise seen in the film has never been attempted before. By using the perfect combination of power and precision offered by Volvo CE's world class hydraulic systems (and some clever tweaks from our ingenious engineers), the operator successfully managed the daring stunt. Hanging the full weight of the excavator by the bucket may sound terrifying, but thanks to the Volvo cab, our operator remained well protected – even if at a strange angle. Another exercise required the excavators to pull a 10 ton block of concrete (with Dolph on top), a challenge that was performed effortlessly thanks to the powerful Volvo engine, perfectly matched to the hydraulic pumps and motors. Volvo excavators perform hard work every day at construction sites all over the world, something that requires precisely that power and endurance, together with skilled operators.

Highlighted features

Powered to perform


The hydraulics system, combined with the fully electronic control system, has been optimized to work in harmony with the engine, to match the engine power, reduce power loss and improve controllability and response time.

Strong yet efficient

Powerful engines

Built on decades of experience, Volvo engines are designed to provide the power required to meet even the toughest applications. They provide flawless levels of productivity, whilst also achieving impressive fuel economy.

The operator's office

Volvo Care Cab

With the Volvo Care Cab, look forward to a high quality operator environment, ergonomically designed to provide all-day comfort. Excellent visibility, a comfortable seat, ideally-placed controls and plenty of cab room all add up to greater productivity, day after day.

Optimized efficiency

ECO Mode

Volvo's unique ECO mode optimizes the hydraulic system to reduce flow and pressure losses – resulting in improved fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Get more done

Steelwrist® Tiltrotator

Boost productivity with the Steelwrist® tiltrotator, offering ultimate control and reduced fuel consumption. The factory-fitted Volvo system gives you the power to control both the machine and tiltrotator using only the two joysticks, with the information presented on just one machine display.

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WARNING: All stunts and activities in this commercial were carried out by professionals or under the supervision of professionals in a controlled area. No one should attempt to re-create, re-enact or duplicate any stunt or activity performed in this commercial. Attempts to re-create, re-enact or duplicate any such stunts or activities may lead to property damage, serious injury, or death. In no event shall Volvo Construction Equipment AB, Volvo Construction Equipment North America, LLC or any of their affiliates, be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages or loss, whether to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with such attempts.