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volvo  care kits
Care kits for Volvo Pavers

Pave the way to success

Volvo Pavers are designed to provide reliability, performance, efficiency, safety and comfort. By using only Genuine Volvo Parts you can ensure your Paver continues to offer the Volvo levels of quality you expect, delivering first-class paving results. And that’s where Volvo Care Kits for Pavers and Screeds come in.

One kit - with many advantages

Replacing only major or visibly worn parts, and not those around them, can add stress on the replaced parts – which can significantly reduce their working life. Using Volvo Care Kits for wear part replacement ensures optimum part performance and lifetime.

Packed with benefits

Genuine Volvo Parts are made to perfection. Working with 2mm paving tolerance can be difficult enough – so make sure you maintain the Volvo quality of your paver and benefit from the latest engineered design and tolerances built into the screed.

Care Kits for Volvo Pavers and Screeds have many advantages when it’s time to carry out maintenance, repair or overhauling.

Time savings

Each kit contains every Genuine Volvo Part you need, ensuring that everything fits perfectly – meaning less time in the workshop and more time on the jobsite.

Maximize durability and component life

Our parts are manufactured from the highest quality steel, providing exceptional abrasion resistance.

Paving quality

Optimize heat distribution and wear across the screed by using Genuine Volvo Parts. This contributes towards a millimeter accurate finished surface and perfect heat consistency from the heating bars.

Genuine tamper

Ensure you have properly hardened tamper bars to maximize compaction quality, durability and paving efficiency.


The following types of Care Kit are available for practically every model of Volvo and Ingersoll Rand paver – wheeled and tracked (as applicable).

Auger Drive
Auger Flight
Paver Screed
Paver Filter
Paver Conveyor Drive
Paver Conveyor
Paver Track Pad
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