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ABG Tracked Pavers

Fixed Screeds

Strong in large paving widths

The versatile fixed screeds from Volvo have proved their effectiveness across a host of paving projects all over the world. Benefitting from an expansive paving width of 2.5 to 13m, they are designed to lay everything from hot asphalt through to dry lean Roller-Compacted Concrete and Cement-Bound Materials, all the way to railway ballast and graded mineral mixes. And for added convenience and fast start-up, these come electrically heated.

Fixed screeds

Key features
  • Variable tamper and vibration speed
  • Dual tamper bar variant for higher pre-compaction of thick layers
  • Crown adjustment + 4% /- 2%
  • Quick startup: from 20°C to 120°C in just 40min
  • Precise electric thermo-controlled heating with automatic temperature adjustment
  • Central lifting eyes per section
  • Hose and cable routing channel
  • On-board diagnostic function for heating bars
  • Tamper bars within reach and fully hardened

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