Built for the long haul

Meet the demands of tough job sites with durable D-Series rigid haulers, proven to provide long-lasting performance. The frame assembly incorporates a reserve of structural strength well beyond the industry’s requirements. Strong and robust, haulers are engineered with uptime in mind, offering swift and easy maintenance access thanks to a simple and uncomplicated machine design.

Upscale your uptime

Access more uptime with the strong and reliable D-Series rigid haulers. The simple and uncomplicated machine design is durably designed to meet the demands of tough job site conditions. Built with industry-leading components and supported by the exclusive Volvo dealer network, the next-generation rigid haulers are proven to achieve unparalleled uptime.

Get back to work fast

Ease of access not only secures safety, but also enhances machine uptime. To simplify servicing, all essential checkpoints points are conveniently grouped and easily reached with minimal tooling. The centrally mounted transmission provides ease of access to the transmission without the need to remove other components. Inside the cab, access top-level diagnostic data for fast analysis and solutions via the operator-friendly dashboard.

Here to support you

The exclusive Volvo dealer network is here to support you whenever you need it. Volvo offers a number of services, local knowledge and global mining experience, including superb parts availability and telematics machine reports. Speak to your local Volvo dealer for more information about uptime-enhancing solutions, such as Volvo Services Agreements (VSA) and extended warranties.

Durable by design

Count on the D-Series rigid haulers to maintain peak performance thanks to a collection of durable components. No matter how harsh the terrain, the high-strength chassis is proven to absorb typical shocks and vibrations from road conditions and loading processes. Meanwhile, the hydraulics are protected to ensure they remain clean against environmental contamination.

Robust protection

Working in challenging conditions means that every component must be protected. With the engine protection derate system, you can say goodbye to unplanned machine downtime. In the event that the engine enters an unsafe operating parameter, the engine control system will send a signal, alerting the operator via a warning lamp on the display. If warnings are ignored, the engine will automatically enter a safe mode, derating on power to prevent further use. Other component protection features include height temperatures, throttle pedal outputs and low coolant level.

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