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Up to 20% more efficient

Get the most out of your investment with a cost-effective solution. At Volvo, we’re committed to driving your operating costs down. That’s why we’ve refined the mid-sized H-Series wheel loaders to deliver up to 20% greater fuel efficiency and optimize productivity.

Volvo wheel loader L90H T4F

Drive down your costs

Achieve up to 20% greater fuel efficiency thanks to advanced features, such as Eco pedal and the new optional lock-up function. The lock-up feature eliminates losses in the torque converter by creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission, which work in harmony with the axles. To improve cycle times and fuel use, customize the lock-up engagement of your machine.

Volvo wheel loader L60H L70H L90H T4F

Do more on and off road

Do more on and off road with an increased top speed of 50km/h. Not only is the machine faster, it is also a pleasure to operate thanks to the optional lock-up feature, which improves drive response and incline performance.

Volvo wheel loader L60H L70H L90H T4F

Productivity up, fuel down

Cut operating costs and propel your machine’s productivity with rimpull control. With the power to control the rimpull, the operator can reduce tire wear and prevent wheel spin for effective bucket filling. Select the optimum rimpull to match the application and ground conditions, and experience high productivity at low costs.

Volvo wheel loader L60H L70H L90H T4F

Work smarter

For the best use of engine power in all applications, rely on Smart Control, designed to optimize fuel efficiency and performance. Standard on the H-Series wheel loaders, Smart Control ensures the correct torque in all situations for perfect harmony between the engine and hydraulics.

Volvo wheel loader L60H L70H L90H T4F

Boost your productivity

Ensure a low total cost of ownership with a host of Productivity Services and Fuel Efficiency Services. From training packages, Fuel Reports and consultancy solutions, Volvo has you covered – just speak to your dealer for more information.

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