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Time is money – get to work fast

Move around and between jobsites with ease without having to disassemble the boom and counterweight.

Time is money – get to work fast

Maximize uptime with the revolutionary E-series Volvo pipelayers. Enabling you to move around the jobsite with ease, the machine can be moved within 30 minutes without having to disassemble the boom and counterweight. Get straight to work with this versatile, time-saving design.

Cost-effective maintenance

Maximize uptime with regular cleaning and servicing of the remote filters, which are easily accessed separately from the engine and radiator. Keep costs down by avoiding unscheduled downtime and ensuring detailed monitoring of your machine with CareTrack. Remotely receive reports on the machine location, usage, productivity, fuel consumption and more.

The highest quality at every part

Retain the highest quality machine with every part. Optimized for maximum uptime and performance of your machine, Genuine Volvo Parts are extensively tested and approved to ensure the highest quality. Benefit from reduced stocking costs for wear and maintenance parts as up to 90% of the recommended stock order for the Volvo pipelayers are common with the excavators’.

Here to support you

Rely on support when you need it, where you need it; even in the most remote locations. Take advantage of an extensive infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers in the global Volvo service network. Specialist support sites can be set up in connection with Volvo dealers for customers in remote locations. By listening to your requirements, Volvo can tailor solutions to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Enhanced training

Utilize a safer, more efficient mode of training with the world’s first pipelayer simulator from Volvo. Enhance training value with the highly sophisticated and realistic simulator, ensuring a more productive operation. Operators can be trained not only on the basics of machine operation for both pipelayer and excavator, but also for uncommon situations without risking the safety of anyone on the jobsite.

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